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     The majority of the finishing materials for the concrete floor are either petroleum products or their derivatives, such as Epoxy and Urethane. However, these widely used petroleum products are very harmful to the environment and generate fatal gases when in fire. To fundamentally solve these problems, H.K. Dr.Floor developed a new series of Eco-friendly concrete polishing chemicals using inorganic materials as the major ingredients.

     Demands for the Eco-friendly products are ever increasing worldwide. In accordance with these demands, H.K. Dr.Floor established its own research laboratory and trying to develop safer and more effective products that not only will satisfy our end users but also are safer for the environment. Over 10 years of these research efforts, we recently and proudly introduced a new product to stain the concrete floor. In addition, we are now capable of providing a total solutions for the concrete floor including manufacture and sales of chemicals, equipment, tools, disposables, construction services, and training the technicians in an Eco-friendly way. The laboratory, nowadays, has couple of on-going projects, which are, robot-mediated 3-D printing systems and construction of the elegant epoxy terrazzo. 

     Our history is short. However, We have a big pride in our  systems as well as our products and services. Once finished, our real job starts from that point. We will take a good care of the finished floor and be responsible for the one we worked on. We will never stop trying to make our products and services one of the most competitive flooring system for its safety, environment-friendliness, and elegance as well as the price. 

Thank you,

                                                                                           Kiho Kim, President

                                                                                                                                                 H.K. Dr.Floor Co.