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     Dr.Crete is a water-soluble concrete hardener. It smears deep into the concrete through the micro-spaces and mediates chemical reactions among the sand, cement, alumina, and silicates in the concrete. So, Dr.Crete is a new type of hardener completely different from the conventional ones which only slows down the acidification or functions as a glue. 

     By just one application, the Dr.Crete-treated concrete floor becomes semi-permanent. In addition, the environment-friendly Dr.Crete does not contain any petroleum derivatives but only inorganic materials. 

- Dr.Crete 120/140

- Dr.Crete 120 :  5~10 m²/l
- Dr.Crete 140 :  5~10 m²/l
- Can be dilute up to 3~6 -fold 
     depending on the hardness of the floor.
Application Method
-Air Spray, Roller, Mop etc.
- Drying time: 7 hours
(Concrete grinding)
 (Dr.Crete Application)

- Shorter drying time & Low cost
 -Need a trained technician


     Dr.Crete-Li is an anti-neutralizing hardener that belongs to the Lithium silicate family. Like Dr.Crete 120/140, Dr.Crete-Li also hardens the concrete, blocks dust forming, and makes the surface glossy just by one application. However, the improved Dr.Crete-Li penetrates and dries more quickly and more resistant to the moisture than the conventional ones. Therefore, the glossiness of the surface lasts longer than the surface finished by Dr.Crete 120/140 even under the ever changing weather. 

- Dr.Crete-Li
- Shorter drying time
5~10 m²/l

Application Method
- Air Spray, Roller, Mop etc
- Drying time: 2 hours
(Concrete grinding)
 (Dr.Crete-Li Application)
- Shorter drying time & Low cost
 -Need a trained technician


     Since Dr.Color-Li is a mixture of Dr.Crete-Li with 16 individual dyes, it is capable of hardening and coloring simultaneously. Due to their hydrophilic natures, one can express literally any colors by just blending them in an appropriate ratio. In addition, the reagents are water-soluble and smear deep into the concrete, like Dr.Crete. When desired, Dr.Color-Li can be diluted with water to express even deeper and subdued color on your concrete floor. For the best result, application of Dr.Ceramic is advised after Dr.Color-Li treatment.  



-One solution type
-Short drying time
Major ingredient

- Lithium, Pigment

-Not harmful
Applicable Area

- 5~10 m²/l

-Drying time: 2 hrs

- Spray, Roller, Microfiber etc.,

-Grinding with #100
-Apply Dr.Color-Li
-Apply Dr.Ceramic
-Humidity must be kept lower than 80%
-Penetration and drying times are shortened
-Lower price (Coloring and Hardening simultaneously)


Type I Dr.Ceramic

      Since Dr.Ceramic is made of alcohol-dispersed inorganic ceramic, it forms a solid film on the concrete surface. The low viscosity of Dr.Ceramic enables it to  fill up the capillaries on the surface, makes it air-tight, and the whole structure more solid when dried. The solid film formed on the surface exhibits superb characteristics, such as water proof, oil proof, anti-frost, anti-corrosive, anti-abrasion, and wear resistance. The finished surface does not emit any harmful gases even in fire due to its inorganic nature.

Type II Dr.Ceramic

     Very similar to the type I, but the film formed on the surface by Type II is glossier than the one formed by Type I, due to a small amount of organic materials blended. In addition, type II can be applied on the tiles, epoxy linings as well as the concrete surface. Like Type I, the Type II Dr.Ceramic also penetrates well into the capillaries of concrete. Shorter drying time, about a day, also shortens the work hours.


     Dr.Sealer-Pro is an undercoating reagent that can fill up the capillaries and air pockets of the concrete and enhances the adhesiveness for the further treatments. Once hardened, the Dr.Sealer-Pro coating becomes very resistant to impact and detergent, therefore, protects the concrete from all kinds of contaminants or pollutants. It also makes the wax stay longer. 


     Dr.Cleaner floor made of natural orange oil and non-ionic surfactant. The cleaner dissolves and emulsifies any contaminants or pollutants that they can be removed easily. Dr.Cleaner is a very safe detergent because it does not contain any harmful ingredients to either human or natural environment.


     Newly developed Dr.Cleaner-Pro is easy to use and leaves no residuals or stains behind. It is a very powerful but mild cleaner that it can be used even on a waxed surface without damaging the glossiness.


     Dr.Wax is an oxo-bridged thermoset dimers specially designed for a pedestrian area with a heavy traffic. This wax is very durable and maintains high glossy surface longer than any known waxes. When the glossy surface worn out, it can be re-polished with a high speed buffer.


     Dr.WhiteClean is a blended cleaner majorly with surfactant, rust and pollutant remover, and mild acid. It is mildly acidic and removes the whitening and contaminants. Rinsing with enough water is recommended after cleaning with Dr.WhiteClean.